Bluebox is the students natural gathering spot, and is located at the University of Agder. 
It`s run by SiA Culture together with a student board and the volunteer efforts of the members. We have a 700 capasity stage in addition to our pub Lillekroa.

Our members are the foundation of Bluebox, they make sure the venue is properly staffed and runs smoothly.
To become a member of Bluebox, you have to work 5 times during the semester. You can choose between bar, marketing, technical or crew.

General manager

Sandra Mørk Holte
E-mail: leder@bluebox.no
Phone: +47 948 45 119

PR and advertisement
Mats Edvin Aarø
E-mail: pr@bluebox.no
Phone: +47 988 54 663

Event manager
Haakon Bøthun Lunde
E-mail: arrangement@bluebox.no
Phone: +47 

Frode Grjotheim
E-mail: barsjef@bluebox.no
Phone: +47 412 86 912


Monday – Friday: 2pm – 6pm
Longer hours during evets
Saturday and Sunday: During events

During events