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      Apply for Culture Fund

      Kulturfond core Do you have a good idea for a cultural project that may benefit other students? Apply for the Cultural Fund.

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      Get in Shape!

      spicheren1 As a student you can get up to 50% discount which means that you only pay NOK 295 per month.
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      Apply for Housing

      siahyblerCORE Rooms are close to UiA. There is no deposit. Electricity and Internet are included in the rent.
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      PC - we can help you

      Pc sjekken CORE Dear student, come to Sørbok, Kristiansand on Wednesdays between 9am-12pm and we can take a look at your pc.
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      Welcome to SiA! We are here to help.

      SiA Health

      sia helse chat banner SiA Health is here for you. Check out drop-in appointments and chat.

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      Many great artists are coming to Østsia and Bluebox this year. Check out the next event.
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      The purpose of SiA is to cover all the primary needs in relation to studying in Southern Norway, both for the students of today and tomorrow.

      SiA Nursery

      Hokus Pokus nursery facilitates so that parents can do well in their studies.

      SiA Bookstore

      Sørbok is the Campus bookshop. The profit is channelled back to other student welfare offers.

      SiA Housing

      We have 1489 student housing units for rent, on and nearby the Campus.

      SiA Health

      Our goal is that sickness and pains will not interfere with the progression of your studies.

      SiA Café

      We are the number 1 meeting place on Campus, and have been voted the best student cantina in Norway many times.

      SiA Culture

      We contribute to social and lively meeting places in cooperation with the students.

      SiA Fitness

      We facilitate an increase in student well-being by offering fitnessclasses at Spicheren Fitnesscenter.