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Student life is more than reading and exam. As a student you have many opportunities to engage in various activities and happenings. Learn more about SiA and what we can offer here at sia.no.

SiA offers a wide range of services, activities and benefits for the students who are affiliated with the Student Welfare Organization in Agder (SiA). If you are a student and have paid tuition fee to SiA, you can take part in all our offers. Keep up to date on our website and follow SIA in social media.

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SHoT additional survey 2021

The SHoT additional survey 2021 will be carried out between March 1st. and April 5th. 2021.

INFO: Medical coverage in Kristiansand

SiA Health’s support line

Tips and advice for those in quarantine or isolation

The spread of the corona virus puts life to the test and presents humanity with new challenges. When we humans face something that is perceived as dangerous or a threat, such as being infected by an illness, it is natural to react with fear

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