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  • Welcome to SiA Culture!

    Østsia and Bluebox are the campus hangouts and convenient places to socialize with other students.Take a break from your studies and come and visit us. Experience the pleasant relaxing atmosphere during the daytime or join the party at night. Either way we guarantee that you will enjoy yourself.

  • Bluebox

    Bluebox is the student culture house in Grimstad by the mainentrance of the University and less than a kilometre from Grimstad city centre.

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  • Østsia

    Østsia is the students´bar and concert house on campusKristiansand, located in the basement of the university’s main building. AtØstsia you can relax alongside friends and co-students during afternoon andevening.

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SiA Culture

We make student life more creative and exciting by giving our Student Bar&Consert places our full attention.

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Start of Semester Festival

The Festival is held each August and marks the beginning of a new school year.

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