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Frequently Asked Questions

Kristiansand and Grimstad has different pricing depending on what salary the caretakers receive and this differs between the municipalities, as well as a discount if siblings are also attending the nursery. Contact the administration of the municipality you live in to get information on the current pricing.
You can order catering for: meetings, conferences, reunions, company parties, birthdays, weddings and baptisms. For larger events please send us an email or call us.
Each month we have a group birthday party for all the children that have birthday that particular month. The whole SiA Nursery is transformed into small theater where our own SiA Nursery birthday mascot is the host. For more information, contact the nursery.
Hokus Pokus is Green Flag certified thorough the international Eco-Schools organization. We try to promote sustainable development through environmental education.
During their time at the nursery children should gain good habits, knowledge and a good attitude towards a healthy diet, hygiene, activity and rest. Life habits are established at an early age and the content of the meals they receive is of great importance. We rely on the official guidelines for food and meals in nurseries from the Norwegian Health department
Spicheren can help you with that and everything else regarding your membership with us. The only thing you need to do is add it as a "Ny sak" on My page. We will answer you as quickly as we can. Please notice that Min side is only available in Norwegian at the current time.
When using the membership card at the parking machine it allows members to park for three hours (take the ticket and put it nearby windscreen). If you wish to extende the parking time above 3 hours, you must pay the extra sum beforehand. For parking without a membership card, you must pay from the first hour.
Personal training is offered to all who wish to work more efficiently. A personal trainer is based on your wants and needs, and he/she put together with you goals for the upcoming workout. You can find more information about PT-one here.
Your training history is available by logging on to My page.
The age limit for becoming a member at Spicheren is from calendar year you turn 16 years of age. Individuals between 16 and 18 years must have their parents to sign.
Most of our housing units can be rented during the summer. Marviksveien 98 in Kristiansand, is rented out to tourists in the summer. Those who lives here will be offered summer-contract at one of our other housings.
This year there are three main focus areas: PLAY, LANGUAGE and EQUALITY.
Hokus Pokus nursery wishes to encourage good deeds that counteract alienation, bullying and violence. We believe that good role models and focus on inclusion through play are important tools when helping the children gain confidence and finding their place in the fellowship.
Most norwegian children stop using napies when they are 2 to 4 years old. In the USA and many other countries, it is normal to start potty training earlier, often when the child is 1,5 to 2 years old. More information regarding this will come at a later time. You can also contact the  Hokus Pokus nursery...
SiA’s nurseries are part of the official application system of Kristiansand and Grimstad Municipality and applications are submitted through their website. Our nurseries are in general very popular. As a student nursery we are first and foremost an offer for students affiliated with one of SiAs partnering places of study in Agder, as well as employees at UiA. If we have vacant slots other applicants can be accepted. It’s therefore important to write whether you are a student, a UiA employee or neither, on the application form.
Please call and let the nursery department know that your child is at sick. A sick child that can’t participate in the daily activities will normally be better off at home with a peaceful and quiet surrounding.
Each year the Sia nursery has closed five days for the staff to plan and evaluate the work. In 2013/2014, the following dates have been established as planning days: Friday 9th of August 2013, Tuesday 22nd of April 2014, Wednesday / Thursday / Friday 25th to 27th of June 2014, Monday 4th of August 2014.
The termination period of the contract is one month from the 1th of the ensuing month. Example: If the nursery has a written confirmation of termination before the 1th of September, you will no longer be required to pay from the 1th of October.
Are you a student organization, employed at the University of Agder, SiA or Agderforskning? Then you can rent our facilities. The price is based on how much time we have to spend on preparation, cleaning and washing up. Please contact us for more information.