Regulations for SiA

Regulations for SiA

The student union in Agder (SiA) has been created and operates on the legal basis of the current student union law. SiA has its business address at Gimlemoen 32, 4630 Kristiansand.

Educational institutions listed in the appendix are affiliated with SiA.

The board shall have ten members and their deputies, elected as follows:
The student welfare council elects 5 members with a deputy.
The employees elect 2 members with a deputy.
The associated educational institutions elect 3 members with a deputy.
For the students, the term of office is one year. Each year, one of the students is elected for a term of two years. For the other board members, the term of office is two years. The term of office runs from 1st of January.

If the students have not elected a Chairman, the board will choose its chairperson. The board elects its Deputy Chairman. The election period for the Chairman / Deputy Chairman is one year.

The CEO and the Chairman of the Board jointly draw on the student union. In individual cases, the Board of Directors may authorize the CEO.

The Board of Directors establishes, evaluates and possibly changes the board's instructions, cf. section § 6-23 of the Limited Liability Companies Act.

The Board appoints the CEO. The Board of Directors establishes, evaluates and possibly modifies the instructions of the CEO. The CEO makes other appointments.

The subsidiary’s board of directors in agreement with the CEO of SiA hires the Managing Director of a subsidiary. The CEO of the subsidiaries shall report to the CEO of SiA in the same way as to the board of directors of the subsidiary concerned, cf. section § 6-15 of the Limited Liability Companies Act.

SiA shall have a business plan that is regularly evaluated. The Board must approve the plan and revisions to it.

Subsidiaries conducting student-related activities are considered part of SiA's activity.

The Board of Directors may amend the articles of association with a 2/3 majority. Before amendments are adopted, the amendment must be submitted to the students' welfare council and the associated educational institutions.

Otherwise, the Student Unions Act applies with reference to the rules of the Companies Act.

Kristiansand 21.5.13
The Board of Student Union in Agder