Semester fee


Normally there are no tuition fees at state universities and university colleges in Norway. However, students will have to pay a semester fee. The fee grants you a membership in the local student welfare organisation called "The Student Welfare Organisation SiA", which in turn entitles you to several benefits like campus health services, counselling, access to sports facilities and cultural activities.

Since fall of 2017 the semester fee has been NOK 485,- pr. semester. From 2013 NOK 32,- of this fee goes to the University of Agder's (UiA) membership in the Norwegian Studentorganisation (NSO). 

Changes made to the semester fee is done by the Board of Directors at SiA after recommendation from The Welfare Council.


In addition to the fee granting you a membership in the local student welfare organisation, the fee has to be paid in order for students to take an exam.

Payment of the semester fee is also neccessary to get an official student card that. The card, among other things, can give you reduced fares on public transportation and lower ticket prices to various cultural events.

Paying the semester fee is probably the best investment you can do as a student in Norway, as it gives you all sorts of benefits. Among the responsibilities of the welfare organisations is operations of campus book stores and cafés, of which the organisations have a monopoly to operate on campus. Other services include certain health services, advisory services, kindergartens and housing.

After paying the semester fee, you can order a copy from Studentweb, or use the Semesterkort application (iOS and Android only).


The semester fee towards SiA is paid to the university or college you are enrolled in. 

The fee is collected separately, or together with other fees as demanded by the university or college, i.e. it’s not SiA that collects the fee. Therefore, if you have any questions regarding payment of the semester fee, you should contact your school. . 

The universities and colleges transfer the money to SiA at a later date.