Cartering and Venues

Are you going to arrange a fantastic party, a great meeting, conference, celebration, company party, birthdays, wedding or child baptism? Then the food is always an important factor!

Renting Venues

Our facilities are available for rent if you are a student organization or employee at the University of Agder or SiA.Please see our pricing information and rental agreement.

We provide food for different occasions such as: meetings,conferences, reunions, company parties, birthdays, weddings and even baptisms!

For bigger events please contact us by e-mail or call us and give us the approximate number of people for the event. Our facilities are often available in the evenings. 
Largest capacity: 600.


In Kristiansand and Grimstad you have to apply for permission to serve beverage containing alcohol.
Applications : Kristiansand and Grimstad.

Sending enquiry
Please send your enquiry by e-mail or phone. Kristiansand: 38 14 17 40 and Grimstad: 37 23 33 30.
The informastion regarding the final number of people attending at your event, has to be delivered to us 7 days before the actual event.

Cancellation policy

10 days in advance: 100% refund.
4 days in advance: 50 %  refund.

Contact information

Phone number : +47 38 14 17 40

Phone number: +47 37 23 33 30

SiA Food & Beverage, Kristiansand

Phone: +47 38 14 17 40

Universitetsveien 25

4630 Kristiansand

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Bus stop:

UiA v/Spicheren


Jette Kristensen

Mobile: +47 952 27 164


Opening hours:
08.00-17.00 (Monday to Thursday)
08.00-16.00 (Friday)

SiA Mat og Drikke, Grimstad

Phone: +47 465 06 487

Jon Lilletuns vei 9

4879 Grimstad

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Bus stop:

Jon Lilletuns vei


Ronny Adde

Mobile: +47 995 58 830


Opening hours