Cooperating partners / offers

Here’s an overview of offers and information from our cooperating partners

SiA Health collaborates with ‘My chiropractic’ that offers student-friendly prices.

My chiropractic has a motto of helping the body to help itself, through a range of tailored and methodical treatments. Their focus is that their patients will receive a detailed explanation of how the pain occurs,how to ease the pain by oneself and what measures to take to stay healthy and in shape. They treat everything from repetitive strain injury, headache, back and neck pain, ankle and knee and more.


Kjøita 17 – 1. floor.


Phone: 66 69 60 60

Bestill time

SiA Health collaborates with dentists in both Aust – and Vest-Agder who offerdiscounts to students.

View the list of dentists and available discounts here

Sia Helse (SiA Health) has an agreementwith several medical centers that offer theregular medical care scheme.

Sandens Medical Center

Schedule your appointment by text message or via the web: (
Address: Dronningens gate 15, 5610 Kristiansand


Elvebredden Medical Center 

Schedule your appointment by text message or via the web: (
Address: Nedre Lunds vei 1, 4630 Kristiansand


Important! Remember to change your general practitioner!

SiA Health collaborates with dietitian and nutritionist Heidi Ramfjord. Heidi offers student discounts upon presentation of a valid student ID or semester fees.

Address: Helsehuset, Markensgate 42, Kristiansand.

Read more about Heidi onKost for Livet or visit Helsehuset i Kristiansand.


Students receive discounts on various services from Lauvland Optics. Conveniently located in central Kristiansand.

Address: Henrik Wergelandsgate 10, 4612 Kristiansand



As a student you’ll receive excellent prices on contact lenses and glasses from Specsavers Sørlandssenteret and Kristiansand. From us you’re always guaranteed:

• Half price on eye tests: 323 kr (ordinary price 645 kr)

• 2 for 1 on all glasses from 195 kr. You’ll only pay for the more expensive glass regardless of which frames or glass treatment you choose.

• With a subscription for contact lenses you’ll get one-day lenses from only 258 kr. per month* and monthly lenses from 65 kr. per month.

Address: Barstølveien 31/35, 4363 Kristiansand



SiA Helse (SiA Health) has an agreement with Kristiansand Osteopathy & Physiotherapy, should you ever need their services. As a student you’ll receive a discount and you’re also guaranteed an appointment within 3 days.

To schedule an appointment call 404 71 462 or send an e-mail Remember to mention that you’re a student and bring a valid student ID.



Physical Therapist Christina Sandvand Omfjord, 39, is located at Spicheren fitness (enter on the second floor to the far left)  

Which conditions do you test and offer treatment for? 

  • All musculoskeletal disorders

  • Stereopsis problems

Your eye function might be influenced by work that involves focusing on close objects (such as PC use) and this might in turn cause reading or writing difficulties, concentration problems, headaches and neck pain.

  • Incorrect training / excessive training

Would you like to schedule an appointment? Call 412 64 420 or contact us via e-mail 

Read more about Physical therapy and Manual therapy here: Grimstad klinikken

Test deg, Kristiansand (Test yourself, Kristiansand). Here you can take free tests anonymously for sexually transmitted infections. This offer is valid for all adults over the age of 18 years and there is no upper age limit. Consultations, tests and prospective treatments are free. No referral is required.

Read more here

Youth health station is a free service for young people aged 24 or less.Here you will find a registered nurse, midwife anddoctor who are ready to assist with any health concerns you may have.
You can come and see us if you need an adult to talk to. We are here to guide you if you feel depressed, have problems orjust need some answers. We have a duty of confidentiality and your privacy is important to us. Read more by clicking the link that belongs to your town below.

Kristiansand  Grimstad 

SiA Health, Kristiansand

Phone: +47 38 14 13 54

Universitetsveien 3B

4630 Kristiansand

Bus stop:

UiA v/Spicheren


Eli Stålesen

Psychotherapist/Master Psychiatric Health

Mobile: +47 99 50 75 59


Opening hours: 09.00 to 16.00 (mon. to fri.)

SiA Health, Grimstad

Phone: +47 37 23 38 21

Jon Lilletunsvei 9

4879 Grimstad

See in map

Bus stop:

Jon Lilletuns vei


Eli Stålesen

Psychotherapist/Master Psychiatric Health

Mobile: +47 99 50 75 59


Opening hours:
Mon: 09.00-16.00*
Thu: 09.00-16.00
Wed: 09.00-16.00**
*Kun partallsuker