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Flying the nest for university? You're about to enter a whole new world that requires a lot of patience and an open mind. Familiarize your self with the housingregulations before you move in. 

You will be charged with payment for parking at the premises by our student accomodation at Campus.  A monthly payment is available for our tenants only, while the daily payment is available for everyone.  We also remind you that there is no  quaranteed parking spots for our tenants. Apcoa Parking (Europark) do not have website in english. You are not able to sign up for an agreement before you have moved in.

  1. Login here and create NEW USER (Ny bruker ?) (if you already have a registered account, you can login with your phonenumber and password) 

  2. Add a new payment card under PROFILE from the menu on the left

  3. Choose NEW PARKING AGREEMENT from the menu on the lef

  4. Location:

  5. Area:


  7. Licenceplate number: AB12345

  8. Start date:

It may take some days after moving in before you have access to this, meanwhile you may pay for parking elsewhere at Campus. If you change telephonenumber, give notice to SiA Housing immediately.

Problems to create a user or change of registration number, please contact or - 22 05 75 00 

Before signing the contract, we strongly recommend that you read it thoroughly.

Cancellation act
You have the right to refuse this agreement within 14 days after acceptance without given any reason. By signing this agreement, the tenant recognizes that the cancellation act will be lost when his/her tenancy starts.

To sign your contract please follow these steps:

  • Log in at My Page with your username and password
  • Find your contract in the menu
  • Download and print out the contract, sign it by hand, scan and upload

Please note that you have to pay for the room from the start date of your contract even though you will arrive later. If you do not arrive at the date the contract starts, please inform your SiA Housing office (see contact information).

Most international exchange students arrive at the same date and meet up with an ESN Agder representative. The representative will guide you to your housing and give you the key. If you arrive before or after the ESN meetup you can collect your key within SiA's opening hours.

If you arrive outside of opening hours please contact us by e-mail in advance so that we can make alternative arrangements for you.

Opening hours:
Kristiansand:          Monday to Thursday: 08.00-17.00 Friday 08.00-16.00 (Saturday/Sunday closed)
Grimstad:                Monday to Friday: 09.00 - 15.30 (Saturday/Sunday closed)

Our housing units are furnished with bed, table, chair, curtains, lamp and shelves. Feel free to supply with your own furniture, but you can not remove any of the furniture that is already in the housing unit.

In the shared kitchen/lounge space you’ll find oven as well as a fridge/freezer and lots of storage, but there are no pans, pots, plates or glasses.

If you are not able to bring with you kitchen supplies, some of our dorms have Swaproom, where you may find usable stuff you can use for your stay, or you may buy something in Norway.


  • Bedlinen, pillow and duvet, kitchen utensils, clothes suitable both for the warm summer and the cold winter

SiA insures our own property as buildings, furniture etc. You need to make sure that you have an insurance that covers your personal belongings and everything you bring with you.

If you are a citizen of a country other than Norway, please make sure you have health and travel insurance as well. More information here.

The reality of sharing a kitchen and bathroom with complete strangers for an entire year can be a lot to take in. Here are some tips for you to give it a good start.
Try to make a weekly cleaning rotation of kitchen and bathroom together.
Make a list of basic essentials that everyone in the flat uses and split the costs. 
Invite your flatmate for a meal that represent your culture and country.

SiA Housing, Kristiansand

Phone: +47 4000 1018
Address: Universitetsveien 3A
4686 Kristiansand

See in map

Opening hours

Bus stop: UiA v/Spicheren

SiA Housing, Grimstad

Phone: +47 4000 9007
Address: Jon Lilletunsvei 9
4879 Grimstad

See in map

Opening hours

Bus stop: Øygårdsdalen or UiA