The renter has the right to terminate the rental contract such that it ceases with 1 month notice calculated from the first day of the ensuing month. You have to pay to the end of the termination, although you are moving out earlier.

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Log on "My Page" and terminate your contract.

If you wish to leave before the end date of your contract you must remember to terminate it. All terminations have a 1 months notice calculated from the 1st of the ensuing month. 

If you are an exchange student leaving early in June, the contract must be terminated within April 30th (and you may then set your date of leaving in June).

  • Before you move, please fill in the "checklist for moving out", before you leave at "My page"

  • If you do not want to clean your self, SiA offers cleaning on departure, please contact our Housekeeper for price and booking.

  • Your apartment will be checked after you have delivered the key. If the cleaning is not approved by SiA, you will receive and text/e-mail with information and the possibility to redo the cleaning within noon the next workingday. We recommend that you download the reminder and watch the video.
    If you do not make advantage of this possibility, you will receive an invoice of the actual costs of cleaning done by a professional agency.

  • If you share a bathroom or kitchen with someone you are both responsible for cleaning this even if one of you departs before the other.

  • Any damages or defects on the housing not mentioned in the move-in form you delivered after arrival will also be invoiced.

Check a reminder for everything you need to do before you leave HERE!

See how to clean when departing:

For more information, contact:

Please make sure that you deliver the keys before noon (12 pm) on the day your contract terminates. If the key is delivered later than the end of contract, the rent will run until it is delivered to SiA.

Where to deliver:

Pick up a key envelope at SiA`s housing office. If you are not able to deliver the key yourself ask someone you trust to deliver it. Remember to first fill in the envelope yourself. If you forget to deliver the key we do not recommend sending by normal post because of the security risk. We recommend that you pay an extra post tracking fee rather than being charged for loss of key or change of the lock.

Thank you for staying with us!

Some of our dorms have swaprooms where you can leave things that can still be of use to others. We do not accept textiles, duvet, pillows etc., please use containers for garbage outside for this. Examples are kitchenutensils, shelfs, tables and chairs. The items you leave must be clean and in working order.

You will find the Swap-rooms here:


  • Jon Lilletunsvei 21 - access for tenants in Jon Lilletunsvei 15, 17, 19, 21,23
  • Jon Lilletunsvei 2 B - access for tenants in Jon Lilletunsvei 2A and 2B
  • Tønnevoldsgate 26


  • Kristian IV's gate 101
  • Marviksveien 98
  • Kaserneveien 11 -  access for tenants in Kaserneveien 8-36
  • Kongsgaard Allé 7
  • Oblt. Omdals vei 21-75
  • St.Olavs vei

In autumn SiA offers to pause your contract if you are leaving to exhange. This will be offered in the period from August 1st. until December 31st.

This requires that you keep your contract until July 31st. and sign a new contract from January 1st. the next year. SiA can help you with a storage room for your belongings while you are away.

SiA Housing, Kristiansand

Phone: +47 4000 1018
Mail: sia@sia.no
Address: Universitetsveien 3A
4686 Kristiansand

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Opening hours

Bus stop: UiA v/Spicheren

SiA Housing, Grimstad

Phone: +47 4000 9007
Mail: bolig.grimstad@sia.no
Address: Jon Lilletunsvei 9
4879 Grimstad

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Opening hours

Bus stop: Øygårdsdalen or UiA