Quarantine for arrival in Norway from abroad

The advice may change rapidly so travellers should follow news and travel information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Inform SiA Housing upon your arrival if you are in quarantine or isolation.

General information about covid-19:
Our residents must carefully follow the Corona virus situation and relate to the advice given by Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the local authorities advice in Kristiansand Kommune and Grimstad Kommune.

Maintenance issues:

If you are in quarantine/isolation, let us know so we can take the necessary steps and precautions.


We ask all our residents to take extra care regarding hygiene and remind you to wash your hands thoroughly and regularly. This is particularly important if you share kitchen or bathroom. SiA will clean and disinfect all door handles inside, banisters and surfaces twice a day. We have also increased cleaning and disinfection in our laundry rooms.
Avoid shaking hands, kissing and hugging people that you do not live with.
Keep a safe distance to others, both at work, outside and other places, minimum 1 meters (3.28 feet)
Limit the number of people you meet in person to a few at a time. Read more here

SiA Housing transmission advice

SiA Housing, Kristiansand

Phone: +47 4000 1018
Address: Universitetsveien 32
Postboks 1864 Gimle
4686 Kristiansand

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Opening hours: 08.00 to 16.00 (closed saturday and sunday)

Bus stop: UiA v/Spicheren

SiA Housing, Grimstad

Phone: +47 4000 9007
Address: Jon Lilletunsvei 9
4879 Grimstad

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Opening hours: 09.00 to 15.30 (closed saturday and sunday)

Bus stop: Øygårdsdalen or UiA