Have you forgot some stuff at home, check out our swaprooms before you go shopping.
Students that are moving out can leave things that can still be of use to others. We do not accept textiles, duvet, pillows etc., please use containers for garbage outside for this. Examples we are happy that you leave are kitchenutensils, shelfs, small tables and chairs. The items you leave must be clean and in working order.

You will find the Swap-rooms here:


  • Jon Lilletunsvei 21 - access for tenants in Jon Lilletunsvei 15, 17, 19, 21,23
  • Jon Lilletunsvei 2 B - access for tenants in Jon Lilletunsvei 2A and 2B
  • Tønnevoldsgate 26
  • Kristian IV's gate 101
  • Marviksveien 98
  • Kaserneveien 11 -  access for tenants in Kaserneveien 8-36
  • Kongsgaard Allé 7
  • Oblt. Omdals vei 21-75
  • St.Olavs vei

SiA Housing, Kristiansand

Phone: +47 4000 1018
Mail: sia@sia.no
Address: Universitetsveien 3A
4686 Kristiansand

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Opening hours

Bus stop: UiA v/Spicheren

SiA Housing, Grimstad

Phone: +47 4000 9007
Mail: bolig.grimstad@sia.no
Address: Jon Lilletunsvei 9
4879 Grimstad

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Opening hours

Bus stop: Øygårdsdalen or UiA