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Please read through our housingregulations.

You may have overnight guests for up to one week. It is not allowed to have repeated visits if this is disturbing for other tenants. The tenant must be present during the stay or visit.  

Smoking inside your room or common room is prohibited in all our accommodations. Our non-smoking policy also includes E-cigarettes and vapes. We ask that all smoking occur at some distance from our buildings, and not at the entrance, terrace or out the window. Violating these rules may result in termination of your rental agreement.

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us.

Fire safety-and prevention comes first for SiA Housing. We arrange fire safety drills every autumn next to the student buildings. Most buildings have fire alarm systems that are directly linked to the fire department or Securitas.
All stoves has timers or stove guards that must be activated when in use.

This is expected of you when you move in:

- Check where the fire escape is and what type of fire extinguisher you have in your building.
- Attend the annual fire safety drill.
- Evacuate immediately when the fire alarm goes off.
- Keep the kitchen stove and fan filter clean.
- Never leave the kitchen while cooking.
- Avoid tangled up electrical wires.
- Do not charge your phone/laptop or tablets over night.
- Do not block the fire escapes.

When the alarm set off, please leave the building immediately and meet up by the nearest car-park. In every room there is a fire detector, the detector must not be covered, this will come with a fee. Each fire alarm device in the system is programmed with a unique address.



Security service
Securitas are available from 3PM until 07AM on weekdays and around the clock on weekends.

This service is provided to help you feel safe inside and around your building. If you need assistance for people trespassing, loud noises or urgent technical issues the security staff can help.

The security staff can also assist if you have lost your key or locked yourself out. Check the price list.

Kristiansand 22 97 10 71
Grimstad      22 97 10 85


Health service
In case you get sick during your stay in Norway SiA cooperates with different dentists and doctors. Read here. You can also find information in the UiA web page.


Dedicated and always on hand to help out, no problem is too small for SiA's technical staff. Whether it’s a leaky tap, new lightbulb or clogged sink, please report this defect on MyPage. It's helpful for us if you send pictures as well.

Login for assistance on "My Page"
When we receive your notification we will contact any suppliers and start to fix whatever problem you might have experienced. By submitting you accept that our technical staff can enter your room/apartment to investigate the fault.

Tenants must provide normal light bulbs for their own apartment/bedsit.  In common rooms (TV-rooms, shared kitchens, hallways, basements) this is taken care of by SiA. If you have any questions you can contact our technical staff:

Housekeeper and Technician

Housekeeper and Technician


Some of our dorms have swaprooms where you can leave things that can still be of use to others. We do not accept textiles, duvet, pillows etc., please use containers for garbage outside for this. Examples are kitchenutensils, shelfs, tables and chairs. The items you leave must be clean and in working order.


  • Jon Lilletunsvei 21 - access for tenants in Jon Lilletunsvei 15, 17, 19, 21,23
  • Jon Lilletunsvei 2 - access for tenants in Jon Lilletunsvei 2A and 2B
  • Tønnevoldsgate 26
  • Kristian IV's gate 101
  • Marviksveien 98
  • Kaserneveien 11 -  access for tenants in Kaserneveien 8-36
  • Kongsgaard Allé 7
  • Oblt. Omdals vei 21-75
  • St.Olavs vei


SiA offers common rooms in some of the buildings:


Jon Lilletunsvei 15-23- (maximum guests may vary due to Covid-19, check the local authorities) - large kitchen with dishes and cutleries- dining room - couch - chromecast TV - contact SiA. 

Jon Lilletunsvei 2AB- (maximum guests may vary due to Covid-19, check the local authorities)-kitchen with dishes and cutleries -diningroom table- couch- chromecast TV- contact SiA

Tønnevoldsgate 26- the room is open between 07.00 and 23.00 for students that live in the building- kitchen -shuffleboard- chromecast TV.  Maximum guests may vary due to Covid-19, check the local authorities

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the common rooms may be closed in short notice or there will be a limitation of max people. Please follow the local authorities and FHI
Grimstad Kommune



The common room is available for all students living in the building, you are welcome in! On the door you will find a spreadsheet where you can reserve the date and time that you prefer. First come, first serve.

The room must be cleaned by 12AM the next day, so that it is clean and ready for the next student. You will find more information on the wall inside the room.

Kaserneveien 28-36
The common room in Kaserneveien 34 can be borrowed by students living in Kaserneveien 28-36. Call SiA Housing at 00 47 40001018 or by Email to reserve a date and get the key. 

Kaserneveien 12

Available for students living in Kaserneveien 8-24 Fill in your wanted date on the form in front of the common room. Max persons at the same time in the big room may vary due to Covid-19 restrictions, max persons at the same time in the small room may also vary due to Covid-19 restrictions. 

Marviksveien 98
Max persons at the same time may vary due to Covid-19 restrictions- Open until 22.30 Fill in your wanted date on the form in front of the common room. 

St. Olavsvei 43
Max 10 persons at the same time. Fill in your wanted date on the form in front of the common room. 

Situated in the basement of Kongsgård Alle 7- Max persons may vary due to Covid-19 restrictions - Open until 22.30 Fill in your wanted date on the form in front of the common room. 

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the common rooms may be closed in short notice or there will be a limitation of max people.  Follow the local authorities and FHI
Kristiansand Kommune


After staying in the common rooms you must tidy up and clean so it looks inviting for the next person.


Change of apartment

If you prefer to change apartments within SiA Housing you can apply by logging into My Page

All your invoices must be paid. You pay double rent for the period that you hold both keys, normally for just one day.

SiA does not process applications from July 1st until the end of August.

You are responsible for the rent from the start date of your contract until the end of the contract. If you wish to pay for more than one month at a time, please contact SiA for calculation.

  • You will find your invoice here
  • The rent is due the 20th each month

Different ways to pay your rent:

  • Pay directly from MyPage by using creditcard
  • Pay with visa/creditcard at SiA Housing office
  • If you want to pay from your home country and transfer money from abroad, here is the information you need to know:

BANK: Sparebanken Sør, Rådhusgata 7, 4611 Kristiansand S, Norway
PHONE: +47 915 09200
IBAN: NO8530001327069

The first bank in Norway who receive this transfer, charge a fee of NOK 50,- to NOK 200,- (depends on the amount).

Not all banks abroad are aware of this fee, so make sure that you add this to each transfer made from abroad. Ask the bank to transfer the money in Norwegian kroner (NOK) and inform that you wish to pay all the fees until the money arrives to our account to avoid currency exchange fee.

Grimstad special notice:

For students staying in a bedsit with shared kitchen in Grimstad there is an extra fee in December for cleaning the kitchen and there will be added NOK 200 to your invoice for this month.


In all units there is a white internet box. From the box you will have several options:

  • Eduroam
    Eduroam is a global partnership that provides you with access to the wireless network in Europe, Canada, Asia and Australia. You will find the same Eduroam internet in the University building, and a few places in the city center. If you don't have  Eduroam from your home university, you will receive username and password on orientation day (only students in Erasmus programme).  

  • Wired internet
    You can also plug in via an internet cable (cat5 or higher) if you wish. Under the white box, on the right side, there are two network ports that you can use. 

  • Private wireless internet
    Log in via if you wish to establish your own wireless internet with your own password. You will find the username and password in the front of the white box in your room.



If you have any questions or problems please contact: 

If you loose your key you must inform SiA due to safety reasons and get a new one. The fee for loosing a key is regulated by the current price list. Please note that if you loose your key outside of the SiA Housing office opening hours and need Securitas guard duty to assist you, there is a fee for assisted entry regulated by the current price list.

Securitas Kristiansand: 22 97 10 71
Securitas Grimstad: 22 97 10 85


Kaserneveien 28-36 uses electronic key chips from Trioving. These keys are swiped on the key pad to open and lock the door. The chip can also be used as a payment device in the laundry facilities in building 28 and 34.

How to use:

  • Make sure you always bring the electronic key chip with you.
  • Swipe the key pad with the electronic key once and the door will unlock and will lock automatically upon closing.
  • Swipe the chip twice and the door will remain unlocked. Swipe two times again and it will lock itself.
  • Due to fire safety the door will remain unlocked for 1 minute when you exit the housing, you can still lock it immediately by swiping the chip on the key pad.
  • If the key pad blinks both red and green, login "My Page" and report it and maintenance will change the battery.


Jon Lilletuns vei 15-23 and Tønnevoldsgate 26 uses electronic key chips from Vingcard. These keys are swiped on the key pad to open and lock the door. The chip can also be used as a payment device in the laundry facility.

How to use:

  • Make sure you always bring the electronic key chip with you.
  • Swipe the chip once and the door will unlock and remain so. Swipe it one more time to lock the door.
  • Building entrance doors and shared kitchens will lock automatically upon closing and cannot be kept open.
  • If the key pad has a yellow light, login "My Page" and report it and maintenance will change the battery.

You will be charged with payment for parking at the premises by our student accomodation at Campus.  A monthly payment is available for our tenants only, while the daily payment is available for everyone.  We also remind you that there is no  quaranteed parking spots for our tenants. Apcoa Parking (Europark) do not have website in english. You are not able to sign up for an agreement before you have moved in.

  1. Login here and create NEW USER (Ny bruker ?) (if you already have a registered account, you can login with your phonenumber and password) 

  2. Add a new payment card under PROFILE from the menu on the left

  3. Choose NEW PARKING AGREEMENT from the menu on the left

  4. Location:

  5. Area:


  7. Licenceplate number on your car: "AB12345" (this is an example)

  8. Start date:

It may take some days after moving in before you have access to this, meanwhile you may pay for parking elsewhere at Campus. If you change your telephonenumber, give notice to SiA Housing immediately.

Problems to create a user or change of registration number, please contact or - 22 05 75 00 

You have different options on how to receive mail, it depends on whether it is a letter or a package.

The most important thing is that you put your name on your letter box so the postal service are able to deliver.

Letters normally arrive directly in your  letter box. If you have ordered online it depends on which company will deliver your package. You will receive a note in your letter box telling you where to pick up your package, most likely in a grocery store close by. If the delivery is done by DHL or a similar company it is important that your contact information is correct.


You will need to provide your own cleaning products.

SiA expect you to keep your room clean and tidy. If you are sharing bathroom and kitchen with another person, make a rota or schedule for weekly cleaning.

Clean and tidy day-to-day of shared kitchens  
Use hot water, soap and new cloths and clean properly as you go, don’t leave pots, plates and cooking stuff to pile up in the sink. Establish some ground rules, and make sure everyone’s on the same page about things like cleanliness, social habits and noise. Make a weekly cleaning rota together with those you share with. Garbage must be taken out every day.

If one of the rooms in your corridor is empty, everyone that shares kitchen, has joint responsibility of cleaning the week that are associated with the empty room.

If you are away for some time, you are responsible for switching your cleaning week with one of your neighbors.

If a kitchen is reported by cleaners to be consistently inaccessible, or if standards of day-to-day cleanliness are below a reasonably acceptable level, SiA may serve notice on the residents, requiring improvement by a specified date.  



Bedbugs often accompany you home when you have been travelling. Check your luggage before you bring it into one of our dorms. If you discover bedbugs, you are obligated to contact SiA immediately.
Now and then, pests in general may enter a student housing. To help avoid this, it is important that you keep your room and kitchen clean and tidy. Dry food items should be stored in closed containers. Sort garbage and take the trash out regularly. Change of bedlinen and vacuuming should be done at least every other week. If you detect any pests you are obligated to report it immediately here


SiA Housing has been certified as an Eco-Lighthouse - please help us "think Green"

In the course of a year, the SiA Housing spend millions on electricity, water, and renovation. By turning off the lights when leaving a room, limiting your water usage, and sorting your garbage, you can help reduce both the enviromental impact, and the financial cost. 
When living in a SiA Housing accomodation, follow the recycling instruction. Recycling stations can be found in all of the student housing areas.

If you have any suggestions to how we can make a positive environmental impact, you can send it to us here.

Contact your SiA Housing office for username and password to get access to your laundry account.  If you have money left when moving out, you can transfer it back to your bank account. This must be done within 6 months after you have deposit the money.


How to pay and reserve machines, see here

Grimstad: The laundry is open between 08.00 - 23.00

  • Jon Lilletunsvei 15-23
  • Jon Lilletunsvei 2 A
  • Jon Lilletunsvei 2 B
  • Tønnevoldsgate 26


  • Marviksveien 98
  • St. Olavs vei
  • Kongsgård Allé 9
  • Kongsgård Allé 7 and 11
  • Kristian IV's gate
  • Kaserneveien 28 (4th floor Kaserneveien 28-36)  
  • Kaserneveien 34 – (2nd floor Kaserneveien 28-36)
  • Oberstløytnant Omdals vei 21-75
  • Kaserneveien 11 (Kaserneveien 8-11 and 13-24)
  • Kaserneveien 12

SiA Housing, Kristiansand

Phone: +47 4000 1018
Address: Universitetsveien 3A
4686 Kristiansand

See in map

Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 08.00-17.00
Friday 08.00-16.00 (closed saturday and sunday)

Bus stop: UiA v/Spicheren

SiA Housing, Grimstad

Phone: +47 4000 9007
Address: Jon Lilletunsvei 9
4879 Grimstad

See in map

Opening hours: 09.00 to 15.30 (closed saturday and sunday)

Bus stop: Øygårdsdalen or UiA