SHoT additional survey 2021

The SHoT additional survey 2021 will be carried out between March 1st. and April 5th. 2021.

INFO: Medical coverage in Kristiansand

SiA Health’s support line

Tips and advice for those in quarantine or isolation

The spread of the corona virus puts life to the test and presents humanity with new challenges. When we humans face something that is perceived as dangerous or a threat, such as being infected by an illness, it is natural to react with fear

You can still contact SiA

Information about the coronavirus

SiA is closely monitoring the situation and as a preventive measure, SiA has implemented additional cleaning protocols and re-prioritized cleaning in all our departments.
At present, the advice from national health authorities is to maintain normal activities and to follow general advice on infection hygiene.

This is SiA

Welcome as a student in Southern Norway. In this movie, you get to know a little better about who we at the Student Society in Agder (SiA) are and what offers and services we have.
More detailed information can be found on this website.

SiA Cultural Fund

Curriculum - bundeling deals!

SiA Book offers curriculum bundling deals. Ask our staff for more information.

Welcome new students!

Spicheren, students fitness center

Located on campus in Kristiansand you will find Spicheren Fitness Center. This is the student's fitness center, and students receive up to 50% discount on membership.