SHoT additional survey 2021

The SHoT additional survey 2021 will be carried out between March 1st. and April 5th. 2021.

The intention of the survey is to discover how the students health and well-being situation has been for the last year. It`s a shorter survey with a variety of themes, also related to the Corona pandemic. It`s important that you as a student replies to this survey.

- It`s been a different year for us all. Student life has been characterized by digital teaching, closed campuses, scaled down semester start weeks and social distancing. Several has asked us to create an additional survey so that we can find out how students are doing a year into the pandemic, says Kari-Jussie Lønning, group leader for the students health and well-being survey.

The survey will take about 10 minutes.

Start the survey

Students that reply to this survey will have the chance of winning one of 5 gift scertificate for NOK 5.000,-