Welcome new students!

Dear new student,

To us in the Student Welfare Organisation of Agder (SiA), the rush of new students is the highlight of the year. The Semester Festival is our celebration of the start of the new semester, and we hope you will join us! SiA is a big organisation of around 200 employees.

We are a non-profit organisation, which means that all our profits go to student welfare. Our goal is to ensure that student life outside the auditoriums goes smoothly. Our mission statement is to do everything we can to help to make your time as a student the best years of your life.

As a student, you must make your own choices and priorities. We have the services, and you can decide what suits you. For most people, the student years are a unique period in life, and SiA will do our part to ensure that all aspects of your life go smoothly, and give you great memories to take with you.


CEO of SiA
Pål Harv