You can still contact SiA

We are here to answer your questions via email and telephone:

phone: 40 00 10 18

phone: 40 00 90 07


SiA Health will continue offering the possibility to schedule chats and provide support as before, but through different channels.

 Appointments can be booked on our webpage, as usual. 

All appointments/chats will take place online. Students will be contacted by SiA Health and the student priest for further agreement. 

The staff of SiA will be working from home from 13 March to 20 March. A waiting list has been created for next week in relation to the chat service, which is operational Monday-Friday, from 9 to 15. 

All our courses and events have been canceled for the time being.

We urge our students to contact us digitally and not in person at our facilities at the campuses.


If needed, you may contact Eli Stålesen on mobile +45 99 50 75 59 or